Friday, 5 August 2011


urm , TRIAL PMR is around the corner ..aiimaiigadd !! SCARED of it !! urm , wht am i soo SCARE now is ...i can't do it in EXAM !! adush !! pnin pala saia ini ..urm , to my MOM hope u will pray the BEST 4 my TRIAL !! *i'm hoping ! urm , i'm just worried bout the people who does not FORGIVE me ...urm , actually , this mornig daa dew atttention daa mahuu OPOLOGIZE 2 that 'person' ..but , when , i arrived the school ..i forgot bout that ! OH GOSH !! urm , i'm soo sory FREN ! i doesn't make it 2 OPOLOGIZE 2 u ..actually feel GUILTY gler laa ..but ,urm ..dun't know laa ..urm ..2 MY FREN ..HOPE U CAN FORGIVE me ...soooo sori 4 my MISTAKE's my FAULT !! urm , ya allah ! pnin pala laa !!! hah ! this evenig kann ..mia blekk nan ~ayie jambuji~;) ..hee;) dpadd MREMPIT !! haha ;D ! ~Apadaa~;) ..

p/s : hope my FAMILY back 2 normal ..huhu !

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