Thursday, 4 August 2011

urm , ;(

urm ...heyhey !! today a little bit FUSSY ..cos ,bussy kmass class 4 TRIAL PMR !! aiimaiigadd !!! GONNA BE CRAZY NOW !!! urm , tomorow , plakk ada CRAMAH , TAKLIMAD or ~wte~ ;) ..urm , uke back to the topic ..tdy when i open my FB .. n then , i saw a post tht SUFRI ALLEN post ..that he asked OPOLOGIZE to all of 3C !! urm , 1st , saw thiss ..kind of TOUCH ! auww ;) ..urm , tomorow ..SAIA NUR AMIRAH a.k.a MIA ,will opologise 2 ALL FWEN THAT I BEEN HURT EVER ..urm , especially to *******...urm , sori it is PRIVATE&CONFIDENTIAL !!! urm , rellyrelly SORI  fwen .. urm ,i dun't know why i DID NOT LIKE U ??? urm , it ma FAULT either ..mybe there's something wrong with me ...?? argh !! y i'm like thiss ?? am i soo bad ? urm ..sometime i feel GUILTY towards you FWEN ..mklom laa saia niew PRIHATIN skidd ..*hee;) ..perlu ker sbot ?? urm , n i also want 2 OPOLOGIZE 2 SITI NURFARAHUDA BT ANUAN !! urm , syanggs sooo sori if i had make a MISTAKE at u ..*actually , mangg dew pown ..urm ..soooo sori taw KAWANN !!! i know dat's u ..makan hati dgann kterorangg slame niew ..SORI TAW SYANGGS !! promise won't do that again !! *bhnbhn bley laa kodd ?? urm , ~wte~ it is ..HOPE U GUYS FORGIVE ME 2 ALL PEOPLE THT I HAD MISTAKE !! ;( ...RELLY NEEDED IT !!  RIGHT&IMMEDIATELY !!! 

P/S : oopsy , sdaa kntoi samaa my FATHER ..bout me n ~AYIE JAMBUJI~ ;) ..hee ;) ..nsebb beik FATHER i just CHILL ~;)

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