Saturday, 23 July 2011


urm , actually cter niew daa lmew abiss daa ..but , sdje , want 2 story bout them ..urm ,SWEAR love 2 see them ..even ,many challenge had came ..they stiil been together ..weither ,in happy or pain ...urm , teringin snadd naa jdik cm dierorangg ..:) ..urm ,but , dat's only in the TV ! not in REALITY live ..urm ,back 2 the topic , mangg HATE glerh arh ANGELICA THE DEVIL !! bkannyer lawa snadd pown ..MARIMAR lgii lawa !! :) ..seb beik , lastly ,they been MARRIED ..n HAPPILY EVER AFTER ! hee~:)..

p/s ; syangg ..hope kter cm niew taww :) ..MARIMAR&SERGIO ! lebiuguys MUCHMUCH !!

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