Sunday, 24 July 2011

i WISH i could ...;(

urm ..i WISH i could get a HAPPY FAMILY like other people.. i WISH i could get a RICH family like the other .. n i WISH ma family like the others 2 !!!urm ,:( ..eventhough , sometime i cerita  at everyone dat's ma FAMILY act like a HAPPIER FAMILY in da world ..but , urmm ,only i who knew it ma bad FEELING now ..feel wanna 2 cry ..>_< ! .. aiimaiigadd !!! urm ,2 ma MOM&DAD hope u will hear this ..i just want a HAPPY FAMILY !!! dat's , enough 4 me ..urm ..sometime i feel JEALOUS when looking ma FWEN family ..they lookk soo HAPPY !! oohh , GOD ! hope u can help me !!

p/s : hope u HEAR this ! from ur HOPING daughter :( !

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