Saturday, 9 July 2011

08/07/11(AWFUL DAY!)

urm ,08/07/11 munk ary AWFUL SDUNIE !! i feel rellyrelly sad b'coz there's 3 THING HAD HPPEN 2 ME .. first ,i had a big WAR WIF MA HUBBY ! n i BREAK UP WIF HIM !! urm ,sad laa gak but i think thz the PERFECT TIME 4 ME , 2 STAY OUT IN HIS LIFE !! even , i feel SAD+DISSAPOINTED ! 
but , i got 2 do tht if he HATE me !! urm .. all ma fwenz doesn't BELIEVES it ..n they dun't want tht HAPPEN 2 ME ! ..n , the second thing is ..ONE OF MA FWEN niew ttbew jek MOODY+SAD !
i dun't know y ?? yesterday , the whole day she doesn't talking 2 me ..even ,a SINGLE WORD ??
tht relly make me SAD !! urm , thursday nite she sent a text 2 me tht saying :

                                          fwen : knp taa gtawu aquh ,
                                                    daa ah mira ,bkn sla qaw kn ??

n then i doesn't rply it b'coz doesn/t had kdit  ,p2 i ask her 2 kol me ..but ,she refuse coz she was CRYING !!! but , tht night i g tpup gak taw ..n thn i txting her but she doesn't rplied it !! :( the school i afraid 2 ask her y ? b'coz she surely doesn't say it ! so , i decide juz keep quite n juz pretnd like nothng hppen ..:( ..actually ,SWEAR I SAD GLERH ! ,but , naa buadd cner qaw tank ckp ? urm ..;(
n the last thing is , tht night 2 aquh g pasa mlm laa cm bese nan SI MINI NGONG niew ..n thn , daa jejln n bly mkanan smer ..aquh naa alek laa knn ..but ,SI BDOWH 2 tank alek lgy ! she insist want 2 stay there ..! so ,she said 'QAW ALEK LAA DLUW T 'AKQ' ALEK , i said 'yelaa' ,aquh pown alek laa jln sesowg ..p2 MAK dier lax dtg tnyer dier mnew ? aquh ckp laa art pasa laa kodd ?
p2 ,dier naa pnggil ma mom lax naa maremare aquh ! SHITDAMMMUCH TOL LAA !! mlalak laa gak aquh !voz SHOCK ttbew d'srang bg2 ! SIALL JEK PRNGAI !!


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