Thursday, 30 June 2011

thz day KILLING me !! :(

urm ,today 30/06/11 was an AWFUL DAY ! HATEITMUCHMUCH !!! :( ...tdy ,bwu one of ma fwenz ! hmpir FAINT ! I SWEAR ! IT RELLY TIRING ME ! *bhs sndry ! ..poor her ! she doesn't can't 4get bout  HER EX BF !! I RELLYRELLY HATEHATE THT GUY MUCH !! aquh SUMPAH qaw pat POMPUAN YG AKAN CHEAT ON U !! HOW DARE U DO THT 2 MA FWEN !! hope ma fwen niew can 4get bout him 4 EVER !!! N the other one ma fwen niew lax ! GOT A PSYCHO BF !! ARGH !! WTH ! eyh ! qaw jgn ar naa mlbiyh pai naa mare art MMBEW aquh ! agak ar !mmbew aquh uwh memain jek pown ! aduhh ,ssanyer naa crix LAKY THT RELLY UKE  !!ah !! sume pown cm t*** !! ..aquh sndry pown gdowh wif him today !!! HATEIT !! :( ..taa twu npew ttbew he sent a text and say :

                                  AYIE : BABY ..KTER CLSH JEK LAA ERK ?
                                              B MNX MAAP TOK PEW YG B BUADD ,
                                              SLMER NIEW !!B SHYUNX BB SNADDSNADD !

argh !! WTH !!!SHIT !!

p/s :HATE THZ AWFUL DAY !!! :(

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